What is Life for You??

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

-Brain Tracy

Life, a really short word to spell, but is it really a small word?. No, it’s not as this life includes everything from birth to death. The word “LIFE” itself speaks a lot that though I am small I still mean a lot. Does this word actually has any meaning I don’t think so because this our life is different and unique like us for you it might be love and happiness, for me it is an adventurous journey filled with highs and lows and you might even find someone who defines life as knowing oneself and the world he or she lives in. Everyone of us will definitely come up with something new when asked to define life.

Life has everything for all of us from success to failure, friends and enemies, adventure and passiveness and to be lonely to befriended. The science of life is unprecedented as the solution lies in the problem itself, at times we just fail to detect it, discover it. Life gives us a lot and wants hard work , determination, honestly and  loyalty in return towards oneself and everyone around us.

This rollercoaster ride is filled with highs and lows, ups and downs, twist and turns making one laugh, cry, yell aloud. The ride which makes you nervous in the beginning but gives you a feel of relief for actually did in this ride. Its like just climbing a mountain which is hard to climb, but when you reach the top ,you get to know yourself a little more, the reason you are here and what difference you made to this world because the view from the top is definitely the best view.

Our puzzled life asks us to grow, to rise, to fight, to stand, to run, to fly, to cry, to laugh, to tremble, to balance, to move on, to be in the present. It always says to be the change and I will always give you a second chance to create the change. The restart option it has like the video games where you can always recollect the broken pieces and accelerate your life once again because all of us are participants of the marathon which has no finish line.

We always crib over things  happening in our life but the moment demands for us to stop, wait and think about what, who, why we are? Have you ever thought that everyone desires for pleasure, comfort and happiness in life. We have often heard of angles, but haven’t seen any yet, actually we can be one .And I promise its not hard to be an angle all you need to do is to make someone smile, who knows one fine day you might find your angle.

Life is not one is born with, it is the one you die with. It is similar and impartial for all of us ready to give us a second chance as many times as we want. The way we make use of this another chance creates the difference in everyone’s life. Use the opportunity that falls in your pocket to be change you want to see. This sweet and bitter meal served to you always has a second serving the way you chew it makes you distinctive.

Life is like a day has sunlight followed by a moonlight which is again followed by a sunlight. Your actions in this transaction makes you an exception.

-Shivangi Dikshit





28,yes I have turned 28 this year, this worked like an alarm to my parents, they felt that it was high time now and I should be tied to someone for my entire life.The passion to fulfill the mission increased  to another level when my cousin got married, who was just 25.Though it is hard to imagine that a birdbrained like him got someone to marry.

Now at any rate , they had to get me a bride .So phone calls were made to all my relatives and advertisement were published all set to get me married. Though my parents live in Lucknow  ,I work for a interior designing  company and live in Delhi. On the 24th of June I get a call early in the morning.

“Hello Dhruv

I answered ,Good morning dad .

“Are you still sleeping ,don’t  you have to leave for your office.”

I told him that I was just leaving for it.

The thing he said blowed me.

He said that he wants me to meet someone, supposedly their future daughter-in-law. And the date for us to meet was 30th of June, it was a Sunday ,the day I hang out with my friends. With this engagement on Sunday all other plans were shattered in a go. I failed to image how were the able to find a suitable partner for me, that  to so soon ,this reminds me of giving credits to my dear aunt Abha, an expert in getting people married. I was told the girl is also from Lucknow and works in Delhi just like me, similarity enough to get married.

This week passed just like a blink of an eye,30th June ,Sunday stood infront of me knocking at my door asking me to get out to meet Ms. Tara Awasthi. Mom suggested me to wear a black shirt she felt that I look the best in it.

It was decided that we were supposed to meet at a cafeteria at 11:30a.m. my friends enjoyed seeing me in a fix gave me a box of cookies and rose bouquet  on my arranged date, as they did the same on their dates.

I reached the spot on time waiting for her to come with thousands of thousands with me,it was happening for the first time to me. After about 15-20minutes I saw someone pleasant looking walking up to me.I saw someone folding her umbrella  she  was lean , tall ,her cool skin tone turned red on the hot summer day, she had a personality that would have won millions of hearts.

As she got closer I offered her to sit , to my surprise she sounded louder and more nervy than I thought to be. She apologized for being late we then ordered coffee Looking at the bouquet and cookies she said.

“Is this for me.”

I was captivated  in her eyes for a moment, those eyes  full of dreams all set to fly high in the sky. I was so lost that she had to shake me up I asked if she said something. She then gave a delightful smile and pointed towards the bouquet and cookies.

I said, this is for you.

She then said ,Is it the first time he is on a arranged date?

My answer was an ,yes.

Hmmm, this is my 8th ,she said.

I have been meeting guys for the past one and a half year as of now and I feel as if something a part of my daily life. Other than the eight guys she met in the past there was a number of photographs which had been shown to her by well wishers.

While having coffee I don’t know why ,but I was sweating even though we were in a air conditioned cafeteria, was it because she was more experienced than me in the situation I was or it was her silky black hair which came infront  of her eyes every time she tried to settle them behind her ears, or was it really hot that day.

I then get a phone call from someone, the man on the other side was my friend he asked me for some money ,I was told that it was an urgency  .I requested Tara to wait for me, I told her that my friend would meet me at the nearby ATM after  giving him the required cash I will be back and so she agreed.

So I left and ran up to the car waiting for me. It was my rescue plan, my friends inside the car had called me up there was no urgency at all and if there any ,it was that we were getting late for the water park.Yes I acted selfish but there was no other way out.

Saying a no was not an option for me so the only way to save my self was to make the lady saw No.

After  spending almost a day in the water park with ma lads I thought of having a nice peaceful sleep thinking myself to be a genius to plan it all to save my life. I slipped my hand inside my bag to search for my house keys  to my horror it was not in the pocket I kept it usually.

These keys were something which always played the game of hide and seek with me, hence they held a big keychain says “love is game of a few seconds.” This was something I believed in that love just last for a few seconds only.

I turned my bag upside down but the keys were no where to be found ,going back to the water park was  not a good idea we had already reached the main city and it would impossible to find it in a huge water park.

I did a bit of brainstorming and to my luck it reminded me that I had the keys in my hand while I was in the cafeteria . My friend dropped me at the metro station and I headed to the cafeteria. As soon as I had reached my destination it started to pour down ,it was the first rain of the season .

As I reached the café  it was almost shut, I saw someone standing in the rain hiding oneself beneath an umbrella. It was dark about 10:15p.m. I walked up to her she looked at me with her big tired eyes there was a dim smile on her face when she saw me.

I  asked her for the reason for waiting here she replied, “You asked me to wait .”

I  then said what if I had never returned she then said, “ I had faith in you, I knew you will return.”

My next question to her was why was she so confident, it was the first time we met.

She then bowed her head and smiled again, she then made fists and asked me to chose one.

I chose the left one she then open it, there lay my house keys.

She then started laughing which made me laugh as well.

We then walked down to the tea stall nearby in the first rain of the season.

Almost an year has passed to this day, now I don’t have to worry about my house keys because she still keeps it with herself safely. Today when I ask her if there was any other reason for her to wait she says that I was the first one to look in her eyes so passionately and the expression on my face while looking at her something all her life. Everything  has changed except two things hasn’t  changed even today that I am still selfish ,even after an year Tara still thinks that my friend was in trouble that day, the reality of the day is still not revealed.

And the keychain is still not changed, yes love is a game of a few seconds ,it just takes a few seconds to fall in love.


-Shivangi Dikshit